Images and colors of Greece adorn the Hunyádi Park in Budapest until July 1 and invite visitors to “savor” dream Greek holidays. Greek efforts seems to be working since for Hungarian tourists Greece is already the most popular destination in air travel summer packages.

Festival of Nations

Greece is the honored country at the Festival of Nations in Budapest this year. In this context, an exceptional event was organized with a photo exhibition of Greek destinations, in Budapest’s largest park, which opened on Saturday, June 18. The event and the photo exhibition were co-organized by the Office of Commercial & Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Greece in Budapest and the Hellenic Tourism Organization’s (EOT) Service Abroad in Austria (which also liaises with Hungary) in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Budapest’s 6th District.

Reservations increased

The particularly large number of visitors had the opportunity to be informed about the Greek destinations at the EOT infostand and at the stands of travel organizers.

The Ambassador of Greece Mr. Pantzopoulos, inaugurating the event, stressed the close warm ties of friendship between the two peoples, inviting the official guests and the public to visit Greece and savor the famous Greek hospitality and to enjoy unique experiences.

The impressive outdoor photo exhibition presents well-known and unknown to the general public corners of Greece and is a ten-day barker for Greek holidays.

In the afternoons events feastures an interactive Workshop on Greece for children and adults, a music and dance event (by the Greek community in Hungary) and a screening of the EOT promotional film “Greece – You will want to stay forever” as an introduction to the well-known film “MammaMia”.

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