The famous castle town of Monemvasia, in the southeastern part of Laconia, has loyal fans, because of its medieval color and romantic atmosphere.

Castles and walls, old mansions, narrow cobblestones, historic temples, low arches, and coats of arms give the impression of a town in which time has stopped.

The narrow strip of land that connects the land with the imposing rock of Monemvasia leads to the unique entrance (“only emvasis”, hence Monemvasia) of the castle, but also to a magical journey in space and time.

Entering the castle town, on the left is the house of the Monemvasian poet of Romiosini, Giannis Ritsos.

Then, the main road leads to the square with the old cannon and the metropolitan church of the Elkomenos Christos (Christ in Chains).

Opposite is the mosque, a listed building of the 16th century, which houses the Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia.

From here the roads branches off to all the charming corners of the castle.

After an uphill journey of 15 minutes the visitor arrives in Pano Poli (Upper City), where one has the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful view.

At its feet stretch the Lower City, the walls and the sea, while a little higher dominates the church of Hagia Sophia, built on a steep point.

* The main photo of this article is by Manos Malikoutakis.

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