Spanish International News Agency EFE, which is read by millions of Spanish-speakers globally praises Greek tourism and its prospects in a tribute it recently published.

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As mentioned in the article, Greece will no longer recount its ancient history just through archaeological sites that can be visited on land, but will expand its narrative by including important underwater monuments. Greece has finally “turned” the page with the first underwater museum in Alonissos which creates a completely new perspective on the past.

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One of the largest shipwrecks ever discovered

In Alonissos, visitors dive to a depth of about 25 meters to see at Peristera the wreck of one of the largest ships of the 5th century BC ever discovered, offering a magnificent spectacle with thousands of amphorae. The shipwreck of Peristera proves the existence of ships that carried more than 400 tons of cargo and radically changed past perceptions of trade for that time. This travel experience is enhanced, as Alonissos together with a group of islands forms the National Marine Park of Alonissos and North Sporades which is the largest marine protected area in Europe with an area of ​​around 2,220

The article concludes with new initiatives at the national level for the utilization of additional historical shipwrecks for tourism and the creation of new underwater museums.

The creation of new innovative services for inhabitants and visitors is nothing new for Alonissos. Alonissos has pioneered in banning plastic bags, the underwater museum, the natural water park but also the performance of underwater weddings, all of which according to the Mayor of Alonissos, Petros Vafinis  are ” investments to attract visitors with special interests”.

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