The tender for the project for the upgrade of the Metro Line 1 (ISAP) trains was awarded to Spanish firm Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA. .

According to the provisions of the law, the possibility of submitting appeals will be given within 10 days and if they are not submitted, the pre-contractual audit by the Court of Auditors will follow.

The contractor of the project will undertake, within the framework of the detailed specifications and operational requirements, to deliver the 14 trains that comprised the 8th procurement package, which hit the rails between 1983-1985, fully upgraded and capable of productive operation for the next 25 years from the completion of contract.


Indicatively, the object of the project includes:

  • the replacement of old and energy-intensive DC traction motors with modern AC motors and the traction system,
  • the replacement of the rotating generator with a modern static generator,
  • the replacement of air compressors and the pneumatic control system, including the passenger door control system,
  • the upgrade of the air conditioning system,
  • facilities for disabled passengers (accessible trains, installation of seat belts for wheelchairs),
  • enhancing passenger information and sense of security (installation of closed-circuit cameras and public information screens),
  • installation of a new floor and side walls and aesthetic upgrade of the interior of the passenger cabins (replacement of windows, seats, installation of LED lighting, etc.).

The modernization of the 14 trains is expected to lead to the significant numerical and qualitative reinforcement of the fleet serving Line 1.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the contractual object is set at 34 months from the date of signing the contract. However, the delivery of the trains will be done piecemeal, with the first renovated train being delivered in 19 months from the signing of the contract, another 4 in 25 months, 5 more in 30 months and the remaining 4 in 34 months. The estimated value of the contract amounts to 70 million euros, excluding VAT, and the project will be financed by the NSRF.

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