The Fire Department has started the summer wildfire season fighting fires continuously over the last few days. On Tuesday morning, the fight continues on two fire fronts, in Itea and Kranidi. With the crack of dawn firefighting aircraft and helicopters took to the skies to contribute an effort to limit the fires that broke out yesterday. The fire in Itea, which broke out yesterday, is burning uncontrollably along an immense fire front which by evening had reached 20 kilometers.

According to a morning update from the Fire Department, with the first light of day, 4 aircraft and 1 helicopter flew against the Itea front and two aircraft and a helicopter flew to Kranidi.

Earlier yesterday, an evacuation order was given for the northern part of Itea and the village of Sernikaki due to the danger of the situation, while a 112 message was also sent to residents. The fire started at 1pm in the afternoon and the situation became more difficult in the evening, once the aerial means stopped flying.

Battling flames throughout the night

The president of the Itea community, Ioannis Lytras described the situation as shocking, as flames are exacerbated by the strong wind. Mr. Lytras noted that “some businesses, such as factories located outside the villages, but also livestock units, are threatened. The situation is very difficult

The fire map

Firefighting forces from all over Central Greece have already been transferred to the area and by decision of the Fire Fighting Headquarters, all the forces of Central Greece have been put on alert.

The fire broke out at noon in the wider area of ​​Amfissa and took on uncontrollable proportions later in the afternoon.

Confragration in Kranidi – Luxury hotel guests evacuated

But the situation is also difficult with the fire in Kranidi.

The luxury hotel Amanzoe has suffered damage from the fire, while its occupants have been evacuated safely. The fire reignited in the evening and firefighters battled to contain the flames.

The mayor of Ermionida, Yiannis Georgopoulos, in statements to said that “the Amanzoe hotel has been successfully evacuated and the guests have been transferred to other accommodations. However, some of his facilities were burned down. Firefighting equipment is being strengthened and a great effort is being made to control the fire. The positive thing is that the winds have died down a bit.”

Video released on social media shows the flames inside the hotel around the pool

As reported by, fire brigades that have arrived from all over the Peloponnese are also operating inside the premises of the hotel in Kranidi, while there is a great danger as there are gas canisters within the facilities.

According to government sources, the fire started north of the complex at a very close distance and passed from the northern pine dotted side to the outer houses of the complex. Fire engines operated there, the trees burned between the houses and it spread south. Firefighters are now working south and the picture now is much better. The same area had burned in 2016 and had ben rehabilitated.

A group of Special Forestry Operations Units (EMODE), the Fire Brigade’s fire-fighting commandos, are also operating at the site. The smoke from the fire is also visible from Nafplio

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