The Greek Public Employment Agency approved an increase in the number of jobs offered under the successful employment program for long-term unemployed people, aged 55-67, supporting them, in this way, in the context of the continuous evaluation of the active employment policies.

As announced by the Greek Prime Minister, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, on Friday – when discussing with the beneficiaries of the program – the amendment to the program provides for 6,500 additional positions, with a total budget of 117 million euros. According to the Greek Public Employment Agency, the aim of the program is to recruit long-term (12+ months) unemployed people, aged 55-67, into full-time jobs.

The duration of the program

The duration of the program is 12 months, with the possibility of extension for another 12 months, and the monthly subsidy for salary and social security contributions is 75%, up to 750 euros per month.

As noted in the announcement, the program was launched in September 2017, but, until July 2020, coverage was low, with less than 1,500 hires. In July 2020, the program was strengthened and improved and, in less than two years, more than 8,000 jobs were filled out of a total of 8,500.

With the increase, the improved program will have offered a total of 15,000 jobs.

The program involves organizations from a wide range of the public administration. More specifically, it is reported that a number of Public Law Legal Entities (such as Municipalities, Regions, Social Security Funds, Hospitals, Social Welfare Centres, etc.) and municipal enterprises throughout the country have already joined the program.

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