The implementation of the PPC – ELINOIL plan for the installation of chargers at points in the ELINOIL service station network, which can be used to charge electric vehicles is underway, within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoU) signed a year ago.

On the sidelines of the company’s General Assembly, the president of the Association of Petroleum Trading Companies of Greece (SEEPE) and managing director of ELINOIL, Mr. Yannis Aligizakis announced the beginning of works for the installation of a charger in the center of Tinos , as well as in Mykonos, Sporades and Cyclades. As he noted in order to place in a charger the license has to be changed. In immediate future, the installation of chargers is expected to move faster, with priority on the islands. The budget comes to approximately 3.5 million euros.

At the same time, Mr. Aligizakis referred to the input-output registration system, which was designed 13 years ago but is still not running. It envisages the installation of a monitoring system and electronic data transmission of fuel inputs and outputs throughout the supply chain. According to Mr. Aligizakis, the problem lies in the software installed at the gas stations, which are not certified, with the result that Athe Public revenue Authority – AADE cannot process the data correctly. The input-output system will not solve the problem of delinquency, but it will limit it.

SEEPE financed a study that will indicate how the system can work with the existing software, which it recently handed over to AADE. According to SEEPE, the system should be operational by 2024.

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