Explosions occurred in the early hours of Thursday at the Tax Office in Marousi and at an ATM at Sismanoglio Hospital. In Sismanoglio, as noted by ERT, the explosion was powerful and occurred shortly after 4:30 in the morning at an ATM located at the entrance of the hospital.

According to the same report, the result was that the hospital door and windows were shattered, and a lot of damage was caused to the ground floor and the first floor, since dropped ceilings collapsed from the shock wave.

Bomb experts on the prowl

At this time, the hospital has been cordoned off while a team from the Department of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is there to determine if there is a relevant mechanism, since nothing of the kind has yet to be identified. In any case the crew will look for answers on how this explosion occurred, looking into if the perpetrators used gas to cause the explosion and for this reason a mechanism has not yet been identified.

In addition, according to other information, the perpetrators, who were dressed as doctors during the escape, immobilized and threatened the hospital’s security officer in order to pull off their escape.

So far it isn’t known if they managed to get any money from the ATM.

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