This year, the Greeks will take to the beach for holidays with low cost as the main criterion, according to a survey by Focus Bari | YouGov, which depicts the attitudes, opinions and intentions of Greeks regarding travel and holidays.


Specifically, regarding the types of holidays that Greeks prefer this year, it is emphasized that beach holidays are at the top of Greeks’ preferences with a percentage of 53% of the sample.

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Meanwhile, visiting another city or visiting friends or family garners 36% of respondent’s preferences. In fact, the survey highlights that a percentage of 9% of the sample of respondents declares that they will not go on vacation this year.

“Financial Criteria”

Regarding how they choose holidays, 61% emphasize that economic criteria, with the quality-price ratio being the main criterion, determine their choice. 50% choose based on natural beauty, 42% consider the cost of tickets and hotels. Meanwhile, 29% are attracted by the cultural elements of an area, while only 16% are interested in the nightlife.

On the part of planning their vacations and specifically how and when Greeks plan Travel and Vacations, the survey reports that 62% of the sample is willing to travel far to experience new places and 58% have at least one destination in mind for their next vacation. In fact, 31% usually return to the same places for vacations, while 21% prefer to find last-minute vacation deals.

In the survey question, what experiences are Greeks looking for on their trips & vacations, 74% stated that they like to return from vacation having learned something new. 69% of respondents say that on vacation they like to spend time relaxing, while 68% said that when traveling abroad they want to experience the country’s culture.

A percentage of 62% on their holidays like to visit non-touristy places, while a 57% spend time on hobbies and activities.

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“Holiday in my country”

According to the survey, in the The previous two summers, traveling and holiday plans have completely changed due to the pandemic conditions. This summer, and although the pandemic measures have all been removed, a survey in 25 countries shows that people still prefer to spend their summer holidays in their own country instead of traveling to another country.

However, there are quite a few differences between countries and continents, with countries outside Europe tending to spend their holidays domestically more than Europeans.

Europeans in particular, seem to tend to combine vacations both in their country and abroad (compared to residents of other continents), and within Europe, southern countries prefer local vacations more than all other countries.

According to the identity of the research, this was Online Quantitative Pan-Hellenic Research (CAWI) Profiles, through the YouGov panel and it concerned men and women, 18-64 years old  in a sample of 9,477 people. It was conducted in July 2022 by Focus Bari which is YouGov’s Affiliate Partner for Greece.

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