The leader of the main opposition, Alexis Tsipras, launched a fierce attack on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of the Parliament on the issue of wiretapping.

Mr. Tsipras began his speech letting loose barbs against the prime minister, calling on him to stop half-talk and give clarifications as to why Nikos Androulakis was being monitored.

The president of SYRIZA spoke of a criminal act noting that it is not possible to claim that it is legal to monitor Nikos Androulakis.

Mr. Tsipras continued in high tones in his speech addressing the prime minister, stressing that you cannot hide behind the finger of your nephew, Mr. Dimitriadis.


“You are accused of undermining the functioning of the democratic state. That you speak of immorality while being held accountable and accused of monitoring your political opponents. It is not a political error, it is a criminal act when the surveillance concerns a violation of privacy of the communications of an elected representative of the Greek people, and even more so, when there is no invocation of legality or legitimacy when it concerns an elected leader of a political party.” pointed out the official opposition leader.

For 3.5 years you have been building a regime, using every means to establish yourself in power, continued Mr. Tsipras.

Blasting Mitsotakis

“The Greek people have the proverb the thief shouts to scare the homeholder. But no one will be scared here. Because you are accused of institutional diversion and undermining of the democratic state.

You talk about immorality while being held accountable and accused of monitoring your political opponents. It’s not a political error, it’s a criminal act,

Commenting on the prime minister’s speech, he noted. “You had a toxic presence in order to rally your audience but you are being watched by the Greek people and democratic Europe who expect explanations and not odd attempts at distraction.”

He continued the attack by saying: “Is it possible for you to claim that the Prime Minister can be monitored for reasons of national security? Who will judge the reason?

Himself along with his close associates? You are legally, politically, and morally obligated to drop the half-talk and explain. You have an obligation to explain what national security reason led you to monitor Mr. Androulakis’ phone.

Give one answer. What was the reason, was he an agent, is he a spy, is he dangerous for national interests?” At that point he said, addressing the prime minister: “I end my speech and give you the chance to answer.” He accused the prime minister of “Both audacity and cowardice because you are not taking political responsibility. It’s not my fault, it’s my nephew’s fault… even school kids don’t do this.”

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