The Prime Minister’s will to announce – at the Thessaloniki International Fair – “measures that will have a direct impact and will respond to the needs of society and citizens in order to cope with the pressure we have, in the difficult winter that awaits us”, reiterated the government representative Yannis Economou , speaking to public broadcaster ERT.

According to Mr. Economou in his speech at the opening of the TIF, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will set the tone for the next period, which also includes measures of a more permanent nature.

“Measures regarding dealing with distortions but also strengthening citizens’ income directly and indirectly in a more permanent way, a more permanent dimension” said Mr. Economou.

What he said about the electoral law

“What I can tell you is that there will not be any social group that is excluded from the government’s support policy against the pressures we are facing […] There will be measures and policies that will complement the interventions we have made at the tax level or in dealing with of remaining distortions in the labor market, which will give even greater development dynamics to the country and will also help several social groups to directly or indirectly increase their income” said the government representative.

Answering a question about the electoral law and the possibility of its change, Yannis Economou characteristically noted that “the electoral law is a tool”, while adding that “Greek citizens will soon know with what criteria they will go to the polls”.

In relation to the issue of surveillance, the government spokesman underlined: “It is a matter on which the government will shed a lot of light.”

In closing, he repeated that “we will stand by the citizens as long as the energy crisis lasts”.

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