Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about the course of Greek-Turkish relations, when asked about it at the press conference, in the context of the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

The prime minister clarified that Greece is not going to follow Turkey in the barrage of provocative statements. On the contrary, we will continue to give clear answers inside and outside Greece, the prime minister stressed, noting that Ankara is fueling the tension while marching to elections, but what it claims is not believed abroad.

No one abroad believes that the Greek islands are a threat to Turkey, on the contrary they believe that Turkey threatens our islands after the latest statements of the Turkish president.

However, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted that Greece will seek to have open channels of communication with Turkey.

“I am not the one who broke off the talks. I’m not the one who said Erdoğan is finished for me. I am always open to discuss with Erdogan and I appreciate that we will have the opportunity for a meeting. In the coming months, the first meeting of the European political community will take place in Prague, to which Turkey will probably be invited. We are not going to put any obstacle in the participation of Ankara”, said the prime minister.

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