With four important changes, primary and secondary schools will open tomorrow, Monday, as revealed by the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, speaking at the OT FORUM held in the context of the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair.

Mrs. Kerameos referred to the strengthening of human resources in elementary, middle and high schools with the recruitment of thousands of permanent teachers, while she made special mention of the innovations introduced in schools.

More specifically, he argued that tomorrow, we will find schools with 25,000 new permanent teachers.

The four major changes

“For 12 years, thousands of teachers retired and no one was appointed permanently. We will see a significant increase in educational staff” the Minister of Education noted.

“We are making a great effort to rationalize human resources in education. We are also extending the hours of the full-day school, which from this year will end at 5.30pm for 50% of the country’s departments.

With reference to the all-day school, an institution that Greek families have embraced, she pointed out that the first reason for the extension of the timetable is to strengthen it with creative actions and the second to support – as he said – working parents.

However, in addition to the recruitment of permanent teachers and the upgrading of the full-day school, Mrs. Kerameos underlined that from this year there will also be teacher mentors who will guide the teachers and professors, while we will see new digital tools with interactive tables that will begin to be installed during the school year.

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