At the pavilion of the South Aegean Region, at the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair, was the OT journalist, Christos Kolonas.

The South Aegean Region is developing smart actions and green initiatives, such as the circular economy and the transition to green energy, required for the growth of the Greek economy.

The South Aegean has developed some important initiatives, such as the Rhodes Co-Lab, under which the global tourism leader TUI has chosen Rhodes to become the world’s first holistic model of a sustainable destination.

In this region there is also the Halki project, Gr-Eco Island, the activities oF which were launched last year by the Greek Prime Minister himself.

This border island is the first to launch this green initiative to be energy self-sufficient and apply smart technologies to the daily lives of its citizens.

The other initiative is also being developed on the island of Tilos, the Just Go Zero intiative. This is an integrated program of circular waste management, we no longer have the landfill method of waste.

This action is being implemented in cooperation with the Solid Waste Management Agency of the South Aegean and the sponsoring company Polygreen.

Moreover, in Astypalaia there is the project “Smart & Sustainable Island”. The aim is Astypalaia island to become a model of green mobility and circular economy through electromobility and the operation of RES.

It is worth noting that the South Aegean Region is among the 13 regions, according to the latest statistics, thay recorded population growth.

This region was also the first one, for the third consecutive year, in the absorption of European funds from the NSRF.

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