The United Arab Emirates and Greece have developed their bilateral relations and will continue to do so, stated Suleiman Hamid Salem Almazroui, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Athens, speaking at the OT FORUM held in the context of the 86th TIF.

The ambassador stressed that there is also much more to be done between the two countries, such as new investments that can make a significant impact on economic growth: “The embassy has already launched a campaign to strengthen bilateral relations in many fields, such as renewable energy, infrastructure, technology, etc.” he pointed out, adding that his country is also seeking further development and cooperation with Greece at a political and military level.

Significant investments

“Through the TIF, we hope to develop this strategic partnership and realize economic growth,” he said: “This is the first time the UAE have played such an important role and have such a strong presence in a country like yours.”

“We have a lot to offer and a lot to take,” he added, saying that memoranda of understanding will be signed in this regard and his country plans to invest $300-500 million “so as to develop cooperation between the two countries.”

“I am very optimistic. We will make significant investments in Greece,” he stressed, saying that more than 50 transnational agreements will be signed among businesses of the two countries in the coming days: “There will be many signatures, at many levels, strengthening investment cooperation”

Geopolitical issues

Suleiman Hamid Salem Almazroui said Greece plays an important geopolitical role in the region, crucial for further development, especially in the energy sector.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, he underlined that it has a significant impact on energy and food security. These developments are really important for the whole world. We hope that the situation will change soon,” he said, underlining that, in the future, there will be geostrategic developments.

“I hope we will move to a peaceful resolution of these issues. It is a crisis that affects the whole world.”

Greek-Turkish relations

When asked to comment on Greek-Turkish relations, he said: “We have to be diplomatic and to handle the situation between the two countries in the best possible way. Diplomacy must triumph.”

He pointed out, however, that relations with Turkey do not in any way affect the ties between Greece and the UAE, which he described as very strong.

“Open society”

Finally, Suleiman Hamid Salem Almazroui said that his country is a strong, open country, with a multicultural identity, which favours tourism and investments.

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