The tests for the operation of the mechanical equipment of the new lignite unit “Ptolemaida 5” are in the final stretch.

This is what PPC sources report to OT, noting that the production of the first Megawatt hours of electricity will take place in approximately 25 days. And from January the new unit will enter normal commercial operation.

“Ptolemaida 5” is another addition to the arsenal that the government has thrown into the battle to ensure the energy sufficiency of Greece in view of the difficult winter. The 610 MW of power is expected to offer significant savings in natural gas quantities, a fuel that should be preserved in the event of a complete interruption of Russian flows.

According to PPC sources, “Ptolemaida 5” is in the final stage of testing key elements of its production and mechanical equipment. For a few days now, the boiler has been lit with oil burners in order to achieve the required steam quality.

Next week, the planning calls for test firings with lignite, while the day after that the electrification tests with the large transformers will take place.

Towards the end of October and the beginning of November, the “Ptolemaida 5” power station  will be synchronized so it can be put into trial operation producing the first quantities of electricity. Its commercial operation with its inclusion in the Energy Exchange is expected in January.

Lignite production

At the same time, lignite production is gradually increasing as part of the decisions taken by the government at the beginning of July to increase its participation in the energy mix.

In this way, and with the temporary “freezing” of the closure of lignite factories, an attempt is made to reduce the demand for natural gas.

According to the latest data from Independent Power Transmission Operator-IPTO for the month of August, lignite electricity production increased by 27.7% compared to the corresponding month last year, in July it increased by more than 61% compared to July 2021, while in June a more than doubling of production was recorded.

The final goal is for 12 months for electricity generation from what was once called Greece’s national fuel to double and rise to 10 TWh.

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