Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about fake news on the part of main opposition SYRIZA regarding the level of electricity prices in Greece, in relation to other European countries, during the usual press conference in the context of the 86th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki.

Asked if there will be a problem of sufficiency in the market ahead of the winter, the prime minister was categorical: “I can absolutely assure the citizens that we have done everything necessary to ensure energy sufficiency.”

Mr. Mitsotakis emphasized, however, that the threat of a complete interruption of natural gas flows through the Turkstream pipeline is always pending, stressing, however, that the government has prepared even for the most unfavorable scenario.

“We have committed sufficient LNG cargoes and doubled the capacity of Revythoussa,” he said, adding that “we have taken a number of other initiatives to reduce natural gas demand.” The Prime Minister specifically referred to the increase in power generation from lignite over the next one or two years.

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