After the Athens-Rome agreement on the continental shelf signed two years ago, seismic surveys will begin in the marine “block 2” – Ionian Sea – to identify potential hydrocarbon targets.

This according to information available to OT, with the special seismographic vessel “Ramform Hyperion” of the Norwegian PGS being ready for work in an area of ​​2,000 square kilometers of the specific concession. The exploration and exploitation rights have been leased by the consortium “Energean – Helleniq Energy (Hellenic Petroleum)” with the first company being the operator as it owns 75%. Seismic surveys are three-dimensional, and investors proceeded to directly acquire 3D data, replacing that of two-dimensional data in order to speed up the exploration of the concession.

The survey, as competent sources explain to OT, became possible after the two-year-old agreement between Greece and Italy on the definition of maritime zones.

Environmental protection measures

The Hellenic Navy’s hydrographic service has issued a related NAVTEX for Ramform Hyperion’s seismic survey. The surveys will be carried out far from land, specifically on the borders of the continental shelf with Italy. Energean, as an operator, has ensured that all necessary environmental and social protection measures are taken. Thus, the process involves three Marine Life Observers (Maine Mammals Observers), two survey sound intensity recorders, liaisons with fisheries and local authorities, while the entire process will be monitored by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

This is the sixth seismic survey carried out in Greece in the last seven years. There were previous surveys in 2015 in Prinos, in 2016 in Patraikos Gulf, in Ioannina in 2018-2019 and this past Spring in the blocks of Ionian and Kyparissiakos Gulf – NW Peloponnese block.

Strategic planning

It is worth noting that the surveys for the identification of possible natural gas fields in the Greek concessions started again after the government’s decision, last April, to exploit Greek hydrocarbons. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself had sent a clear message of support for this effort, as a result of which the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (EDEFYEP) in collaboration with investors agreed on a road map for the next steps for research.

In the context of these decisions, last Spring, Helleniq Energy with a special seismographic vessel investigated the concessions of the Kyparissia Gulf and the Ionian Sea. In the coming months, the results of the data processing for the existence of potential natural gas targets are also expected.

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