The management of animal by-products is a critical and at the same time difficult task for all the involved bodies of the public and private sector, pointed out the Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development and Food, Mr. Simos Kedikoglou, in his greeting at a conference organized by the Meat Products Institute.

Mr. Kedikoglou emphasized that in order to achieve the desired result, coordination and joint actions are required that must be implemented in the coming years.

As Mr. Kedikoglou said, the goals of the Green Agreement are the more efficient management of animal by-products and the establishment of actions for the circular economy that aims at their absolute utilization and the destruction of the smallest possible quantities in order to protect the environment that has been so burdened.

In closing, Mr. Kedikoglou called for the cooperation of the involved agencies, stressing that “we will achieve the economic, social and environmental goals that have been set for us, so that we can hand over to the next generations a cleaner and healthier environment”.

The event concerned the major issues of Animal By-Products Management (AFP) and the Electronic Food Waste Register (EFR). Present at the conference were experts, specialized scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of professional organizations and social bodies, government officials, executives of companies in the sector, suppliers of raw and auxiliary materials and academics.

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