The vice-presidency of the Union of Mediterranean Regulatory Authorities (MEDREG) was assumed by the Greek  Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) during the General Assembly of the Organization that ended last Thursday, December 1, 2022 in Cairo, Egypt.

Since the completion of the voting among the members of the Organization – which is currently the most extensive collective body of energy regulatory authorities in the Mediterranean, South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East -, Professor Konstantinos Tsimaras, member of the Plenary of RAE, was elected to the position of Vice President of the Organization.

At the same time, RAE was also nominated for the vice-presidency of the specialized Working Group of MEDREG for electricity, where the position of Vice-President was occupied by RAE executive Dr. George Loizos.

At the heart of developments

In its relevant announcement, RAE emphasizes:

“In a critical period for energy issues, where the role of the Mediterranean for energy security in Europe is increasing, and where regulatory requirements play an important role in the development of critical electricity, natural gas and renewable energy corridors between North Africa, the Middle East and Europe, the Energy Regulatory Authority makes sure to be at the center of developments and decisions defending the interests of consumers and the optimal functioning of the market even in the bilateral and multilateral relations of Greece in the critical field of energy regulation.

In the photo you can see from the left the new Vice President of MEDREG and President of the Montenegrin member REGAGEN, Mr. Branislav Prelevic, in the middle the new President of MEDREG and President of the Moroccan Electricity Regulatory Authority ANRE, Mr. Abdellatif Bardach and on the right the new Vice President of MEDREG and member of Plenary of the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority, Professor Konstantinos Tsimaras.

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