Both the group and the company “Domaine Costa Lazaridi” continued the very good course of the six months, presenting a significant increase in all key figures, as can be seen from the key financial figures for the first half of 2022.

Specifically, in the group:

– The turnover amounted to 13.378 million euros increased by 29.1% compared to the nine months of 2021

– Gross profit from activities amounted to 5.77 million euros, increased by 41.5%

– Earnings before taxes, interest and depreciation amounted to 4.27 million euros, increased by 37%

– Profits before taxes to 2.8 million euros increased by 72.3%

With regard to the outlook for the current fiscal year, Management estimates that the financial figures of the Group and the Parent Company will continue to show a satisfactory course during the fourth quarter of 2022. Given that there is a large degree of uncertainty regarding the evolution of the energy crisis and the rising prices in general, it is difficult to make a reliable estimate of the effect of the last quarter on the overall earnings of the year.

The total net bank borrowing shows an increase compared to the six months, as the Group used reserves within the quarter to finance its investment plan.

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