Without… stopping, the Greek stock market continues its climb, breaking today and the next resistance of 1,050 points, a level it had lost in October 2014. The general index records gains of 1.22% to 1,054.21 points, with the turnover is at 16 million euros.

Although the transactions show very high levels, 90% of the volume that has been traded concerns MIG share, in which more than 36 million pieces have changed hands, while the backlog of purchases reaches 70 million euros. The share is also today at the limit up and at 0.1668 euros, from the levels of 4 cents at which it was in January.

The case of MIG confirms that business developments, a secondary catalyst in previous years, are becoming the cause of intense investment interest, an element that if nothing else shows the health of a market. And many business developments may still be in the embryonic stage, but they portend big changes in the map of a market that has had a rough time in the past several years.

The picture on the dashboard

In terms of stocks now, Ellaktor, Ethniki, Alpha Bank, Piraeus, ELHA, Eurobank, Terna Energy, Sarantis, Biohalco, PPC, Hellenic Petroleum, GEK Terna, Titan and Coca Cola stand out with their strong profits, while Aegean is moving positively, OTE, Lambda, Quest, Autohellas, OPAP, Mytileneos, PPA and Motor Oil. Jumbo and EYDAP are in negative territory.

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