In 91% of the products included in the “Household Basket“, the prices have dropped or remained constant in the 15th week of its application (02/08/2023 – 02/14/2023), based on the new price lists notified to the Ministry of Development & Investments today, Wednesday, February 8, the supermarket chains.

“The average price of the “Basket” remains stable,” commented the Minister of Development and Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, in a post on Twitter.

The household basket

In particular, from the total of 882 products in the “Household Basket” that are completely comparable:

-for 70, that is 8%, the price decreased,

-for 734, 83%, the price remained stable

-and for 78, 9%, the price increased.

Which products are now included in the household basket?

According to information, beef will be added to the basket – which was temporarily added during the Christmas holidays – as well as a number of other products such as chocolates, long-life milk, more codes on cured meats and yellow cheeses, legumes (lentils , beans, chickpeas) and soft drinks.

Three more baskets are being prepared for specific periods of time (Lent, Easter and Toys) which will be made available to consumers gradually.

The beginning will be made with the Lenten basket which will include fasting items (halva, tahini, seafood, etc.) and which will be valid until Holy Week and is expected to be announced on February 22.

This will be followed by the basket that will include Easter candles and toys for the children modeled after the basket of Santa Claus, while on the Wednesday before Holy Week, according to information, the Easter basket is expected, which will contain items for the holiday table.

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