All citizens who use the my Health digital application will now have the complete medical file with prescriptions, referrals, as well as the results of all medical, hematological and radiological tests carried out in hospitals and diagnostic centers on their mobile phones.

The Ministries of Digital Governance and Health yesterday proceeded to enrich the my Health app, which until now only collected information on prescriptions and medical referrals.

Through the my Health platform, which is integrated into, citizens now have access to new digital health services, obtaining for the first time a digital file and patient history and drastically reducing bureaucracy, unnecessary visits and bulky paper hospital records.

The new services were presented to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis by the Minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris.

Digital copies

In particular, citizens can now store digitally (on their mobile phone, tablet or PC) all medical examinations and hospitalization certificates issued for their AMKA social security number by doctors and hospitals-diagnostic centers.

Digital copies contain all the information of the corresponding paper documents (issue number and date, doctor who drew up the document, order/document number, as well as all their contents) and have the same validity.

Through the two new services they are currently publishing digitally:
– Certificates of hospitalization or visits to outpatient clinics from 55 health units throughout the country.

– The results of examinations from 59 health units throughout Greece. The possibility concerns 431 types of tests (hematological, microbiological, immunological, etc.), which represent 90% of the daily volume of all tests, except imaging ones. The specific functions are also available for the protected members of each insured. At this time, the history extends to examinations and hospitalizations that have taken place in the above Health units from September 1, 2022 onwards. Data from all public and private Health structures of the country, as well as previous history, will soon be added.

View and issue

In this way, the MyHealth app takes another step towards its evolution into a complete digital patient record, as in addition to the new services, the application already provides access to medical prescriptions, referrals, certificates and primary care appointments. Soon, the results of the imaging tests will be added to the application, as well as the possibility of viewing the medical history from the personal treating physician, with the patient’s consent.

The digital viewing and issuance of medical examinations and hospitalization certificates will be done from the respective tabs of the MyHealth application. The application is very simple and is already available for mobiles with iOS and Android software. The only condition for its use is registration in the intangible prescription (

Accordingly, the citizen can also issue the above documents via in the “Health and Welfare” section and the “Health File” sub-section or directly at

For secure access to the new services both through the MyHealth app and through, the citizen is first identified with the Taxisnet codes and then with the registration of a one-time password (OTP – One Time Password), which it is sent to the mobile phone number that the citizen has confirmed in the National Register of Communications (EMP –

It is recalled that MyHealth was put into operation in August 2021, being the forerunner of the Electronic Health File.

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