Working visit of the Managing Director, Dimitris Politis, the Executive Director, Panagiotis Stampoulidis and executives of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund-HRADF to the facilities of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority SA. was held today.

The two executive members of the Board of Directors and the executives of Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund-HRADF met with the Managing Director, Konstantinos Hatzikonstantinou and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OLA SA, Konstantinos Hatzimichael. The meeting discussed the next steps for the development of the port of Alexandroupolis, after the cancellation of the tender for the sale of a majority of the Organization’s share capital.


In particular, the following were discussed:

· The implementation of the projects for the restoration of the levels of the port basin and the entry-exit channel, the completion of the road network within the land zone of the port and its connection with the new Alexandroupolis Ring Road which is already under construction. These are projects that will upgrade the port’s operational capabilities and contribute to more efficient traffic management, given that the movement of vehicles bound for the port will not be conducted through the urban fabric of the city. The Strategic Importance Contracts Unit of HRADF in collaboration with the Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport and Shipping and Island Policy will undertake the maturation, tendering and financing of the projects with a total budget of 23 million euros (18.5 million euros for the dredging projects and 4, 5 million euros for the completion of the road network). The Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy will act as the financing body, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as the Contracting Authority and the HRADF as the project maturation body. The specific infrastructure projects have already been designated as projects of strategic importance by the Government Committee on Contracts of Strategic Importance and the process of their inclusion in the Recovery and Resilience Fund is about to be completed.

· The completion of the international competition conducted by HRADF for the recruitment of a Strategy & Business Development consultant, who will undertake the preparation of a Business Plan and will study the development possibilities of the Port Organization. Based on the Business Plan, decisions will be made for the implementation of investments, such as the supply of loading and unloading equipment and the upgrading of port infrastructure. The consultants will also consider the possibility of cooperation with Alexandroupolis Port Authority with new users, while they are expected to assist in the implementation of the new business plan if deemed necessary. March 20, 2023 has been set as the final date for the submission of bids in the tender with a budget of 550,000 euros.

· The requests of existing and potential users of the port for the lease of spaces within the Organization’s facilities.

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