The political system is moving to the rhythm of tv spots, social media posts and party announcements, counting down to the polls. The already tense climate is set to become increasingly electrified heading into May 21, with party machinery on alert for counter-attacks on everything.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues in the tactic of tough dilemmas and in the communication strategy of his government’s project report through his posts. Indicative is the last spot of New Democracy on foreign policy, an axis on which the blues are betting on rallying its base. “We strengthened the voice of Greece abroad. It is the prime minister’s duty to vigorously defend the interests of Greece. And this duty has always been my guide,” says the prime minister.

Highly contested areas

After Mitsotakis’ break for Easter in Tinos, he plans to be on an island, where Alexis Tsipras will have previously visited, Corfu. In general, the Ionian islands is included in the “difficult” areas for New Democracy, those that require increased attention to maintain its assets.

Especially in Corfu there was a “derby” in the 2019 elections, when New Democracy finally took the lead over SYRIZA, but with a marginal difference – a little more than half a percentage point. Immediately afterwards, Mitsotakis intends to be at the party headquarters for a “celebratory” coordination meeting with the party’s Political Committee.

Dissolution of Parliament

The day-station is of course Saturday, April 22, when it is expected, barring a last-minute contingency, that the Prime Minister will go to the Presidential Palace for a meeting with Katerina Sakellaropoulou and for the announcement of the elections. This will officially open the road for the Presidential Decree to dissolve the Parliament.

Mitsotakis expects, as the information says, for the pre-election race to open officially, in order to put the last pieces of the puzzle. These concern, on the one hand, the government’s proposal for the four-year period 2023-2027, and on the other, the State ballot.

The State Ballot

These two issues will unfold in the week of April 24-28, with the State Ballot being announced first. As announced by the government, there will be surprises in the 15 places on the ballot with certainly “two or three women in an electable position”, according to prime ministerial associates.

“The participation of women is very strong,” said government spokesperson Yiannis Economou, who is preparing in a few days to leave his post to Minister of State Akis Skertsos so that he himself can pursue the cross in Fthiotida.

The 2023-2027 file

As for the government’s plans for 2023-2027, these will be revealed soon after. According to information, there will be a central presentation of Mitsotakis’ commitments (by him) for the next four years at an event in Athens.

Key axes have already been outlined: “better wages – incomes”, “young people – housing”, “social policy”, “new NHS”. At the same time, the electoral slogan of New Democracy will be adjusted, i.e. the one that will replace the current one “steadily – forward – boldly”. The proposals that fall on the table for the new party motto move in a logic that will capture the message for a strong Greece, with the reflection focusing on how the concept of “change” will be rendered.

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