The Thrace Greenhouses were among the destinations visited by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the context of his recent official visit to Thrace and his briefing on innovative development operations in the region.

The Prime Minister took a tour of the facilities of Thermokipia Thrace S.A., a joint venture of the Thrace Group and Elastron, which was recently awarded as Green Company of the Year, talked to the employees and was informed about the operation of the largest greenhouse of its kind in south-eastern Europe, as well as on the innovative and holistic approach it adopts in relation to the environment and the green economy.

Achieving zero carbon footprint

Mr. Mitsotakis congratulated the staff and management of the Greenhouses for the proper and responsible management of natural resources and the achievement of an almost zero carbon footprint in the operation of the Greenhouses, through the combination of hydroponic cultivation and geothermal energy. “Thrace Greenhouses have a unique patent to produce energy through geothermal energy. This essentially means that energy is turning into a comparative advantage”, the Prime Minister said in his speech, also emphasizing that “more companies in the region and investments should take advantage of the important geothermal fields of Thrace, so that energy is not a disadvantage but an advantage ».

Utilization of RES

Along with maintaining its environmental footprint at very low levels, applying modern cultivation methods and utilizing renewable energy sources, a priority of Greenhouses Thrace S.A. is the support of the local society and labor market, actively contributing to the employment of 230 employees with a high percentage of female employees.
Driven by the sustainable and responsible strategy for the production of fresh and high-quality horticultural products that meet the modern needs of consumers, the strength of the company’s people and partners and with integrated planning, Greenhouses Thrace S.A. it continues to grow, evolve and improve. The company’s ambitious plan for the future includes, among other things, high investments, significant expansions and above all the strengthening of human resources, steadily contribu

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