The importance of the Greek creative industry and investments in the country were underlined by Melisa Itmec and David Richards from the Creative Business Network (CBN), speaking at the OT stand, on the sidelines of the Beyond 2023 exhibition.

According to Mrs. Itmec, Greece has – among other things – a rich cultural heritage and in this context – as she said – “we are trying to attract new investors whose main goal will be the future and new technologies”

“It is very important to attract new investments and there are many possibilities in Greece in recent years”, she added.

For his part, Mr. Richards emphasized that in Greece “there is a lot of talent, skills and communication capabilities, something that investors are looking for”. Therefore, according to him, CBN as a company is trying to help expand and attract investment.

Regarding the “key points”, Melisa Itmec pointed out that Creative Business Network cooperates with start ups in Greece and sets creativity as its main goal. “It is very important for us to encourage young entrepreneurs, to cooperate with universities, etc. We want to give the trigger to those who don’t know how to start”, he emphasized.

Start ups are a critical cog

“We want to show to the rest of Europe what Greece can do,” David Richards hinted.

When asked about what CBN is looking forward to in Greece, business expert Melisa Itmec underlined that Greeceis an important part of CBN’s business map and – as she noted – “for us it is very crucial to cooperate with the whole chain on this trip”.

In addition, it was emphasized that start ups are a very critical cog for CBN, which is working to make them visible. “It’s important to win a competition but then the hard times start and that’s where CBN comes in to show the way,” pointed out Mr Richards, who also spoke about teamwork and cooperation.

“We need the creative industry, because with digitization and artificial intelligence, we don’t know what  thingswill be like 15-20 years, for example in tourism, but we need the creators to imagine the tourism of tomorrow, it is something that Greece cannot miss”, he added.

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