There is a lot of negative publicity about prices and inflation in Mykonos lately, both internationally and also in Greece. But the surveys confirm that it rightly claims the title of the absolute premium tourist destination, since prices on the island may be hitting red, whether it concerns hotels or catering, but nevertheless 90% of its visitors say they are satisfied.


The satisfaction survey data of INSETE’s latest bulletin comparing how satisfied tourists were in Mykonos, Santorini St. Tropez, Ibiza and Sardinia, is revealing.

The general satisfaction index (GRI®) as well as individual hotel customer satisfaction indicators are calculated by ReviewPro, a company that specializes in measuring the online reputation of hotels. This index is calculated for each hotel by analyzing the variables associated with customer feedback posts on hundreds of social networking platforms, hotel review websites and online travel agents-OTA websites. Indicators above 80% indicate a positive experience. The indicators are qualitative and can be used to evaluate the evolution of the quality of the services provided. The data presented are based on customer reviews of Greek hotels and hotels in competing destinations subject to availability. Therefore, the indicators reflect the competitive level of the Greek hotel product, as well as that of the competing countries.

At the top

So, according to the May GRI, Mykonos is at the top, in almost all the examined sectors. Santorini again follows in most areas measured by ReviewPro and the other three destinations trail the two popular Greek islands.

In particular, Mykonos recorded the highest satisfaction index (92%) against all destinations. Santorini is in second place with 90%, Saint Tropez in third place with 87%, Sardinia and Ibiza follow with 86% respectively.

Quality – price

In the value-for-money category, Mykonos is in first place with 94%, followed by Santorini with 91% and Saint Tropez with 86%. Next is Sardinia with 85%. In last place is Ibiza with 84%.

In the room category, Mykonos is in first place with 99%, followed by Santorini, Saint Tropez and Sardinia both with 89%. In last place is Ibiza with 83%.


In the category of service, Mykonos is in first place with 96%, followed by Santorini with 93% and Saint Tropez with 91%. In the last place are Sardinia and Ibiza with 88% respectively.

In the category of cleanliness, Mykonos is in first place with 99%, followed by Santorini and Sardinia with 93% respectively and Saint Tropez with 92%. In last place is Ibiza with 88%.


In the location category, Mykonos is in first place with 95%, followed by Santorini with 94%. Saint Tropez is next with 93% and Sardinia with 91% respectively. In last place is Ibiza with 88%. In the food-drink category, Sardinia is in first place with 80%. Following lower are Ibiza with 79% and Santorini with 69%.

The distinctions of Mykonos and Santorini are not just this year. Indicatively, last year in July, Santorini recorded the highest satisfaction index with 90.3%, compared to all destinations. Mykonos was in second place with 87.7% followed by St Tropez (85.2%), Sardinia (84.7%) and Ibiza (83.3%).

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