The Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Theodoros Skylakakis left open the possibility of extending the emergency framework that has been in effect for a year with measures to support consumers from increases in electricity prices.

Mr. Skylakakis, speaking on SKAI radio, confirmed what OT had surmised and as he characteristically said: “It may be necessary to extend the emergency measures a little. In the next few days we will announce our decisions.”

Transitional level

The minister invoked the need for the extension: “We are evaluating how we will transition to normality. It is difficult for electricity suppliers to switch immediately and it will take time to prepare,” he said, referring to the reinstatement of the pricing method with the readjustment clause but also the expected time to inform consumers of the change in terms of electricity supply contracts.

Mr. Skylakakis was asked about whether the duration of the extension of the emergency measures will be until the end of 2023, but he did not answer.

It is recalled that the extraordinary measures include the ceiling on the wholesale electricity market, the freezing of the adjustment clause, the subsidies of household tariffs and the announcement of the next month’s electricity tariffs on the 20th day of the current month.

Energy crisis

The minister also emphasized that in the event of a new energy crisis, the government’s commitment applies: “The government will be present and support energy consumers.”

Package of measures

Finally, Mr. Skylakakis announced a package of measures to support energy-vulnerable consumers and deal with habitual non-payers.

For both cases, he emphasized the importance of determining more precisely who is an energy vulnerable consumer but also who are the strategic non-payers of electricity bills: “We have to identify them,” he said characteristically. Let’s see who are the habitual non-payers and who are the really weak consumers.”

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