A new tragedy almost struck coastal shipping as two sailors of the speedboat “Speed Runner Jet”, owned by Seajets, were injured after falling overboard while carrying out work from falling overboard. According to information, the captain, the captain and the captain of the boat were brought in for questioning.

In its announcement, the Panhellenic Union of Merchant Mariners (PENEN) points out that “PENEN’s Management was informed a while ago that an accident occurred during the execution of work on the fast ferry “Speed Runner Jet”, owned by Seajets, which was docked opposite the Ministry of Merchant Shipping on the bow of the ship.

The injured sailors B.N. 55 years old and A.G. 34 years old.

According to the first estimates, the work was being carried out outside – which is prohibited – and without having been provided with safety and protection means.

The two injured sailors were transported and are being treated at the General State Hospital of Nikea

Immediately, a team of PENEN went to the ship in order to provide them with medical-hospital assistance and to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

PENEN demands that the causes of the accident be investigated and that those involved in an accident which could have a tragic outcome be held accountable.

“Any performance of work that is prohibited by the legislation and the non-application of safety rules are a mortal danger for the Seafarers and the responsibilities of companies – YEN – Port Authorities are enormous”, it is emphasized in a PENEN announcement.

Also, in a statement, the STEFENSON maritime union underlines that “In front of the Ministry of Shipping and the headquarters of the Coast Guard two (2) sailors members of the crew of the E/G – O/G ship “SPEEDRUNNER JET” of the shipping company SEAJETS, were injured by falling into the sea, while performing work outside the ship.

The sailors literally escaped death and did not fall into the jetty, where it was docked. Specifically, on the left side of the ship, in the area where the lifeboats (barrels) are located, they were performing cleaning work with a water hose, without any protective measures (safety belts, scaffolding, helmets, etc.)”.

The union speaks of criminal responsibilities of the company and the shipping ministry and requests a full investigation of the incident.

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