The Kavala Port Authority (PAA) signed yesterday Wednesday 11/10 a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Port of Burgas in the city of the same name, where the 63rd General Assembly of the Association of Mediterranean Ports for Cruises (MedCruise) is being hosted these days with the participation of 120 executives from ports and cruise lines.

The initiative belonged to the Greek side, which drew up an itinerary plan, which includes synergies in the development of cruises in the Black Sea and North Aegean and beyond.

As stated by, the managing director of the Kavala Port Organization, Aggelos Vlachos, joint participation of the two ports of Kavala and Burgas has already begun, in European programs (such as staff training) but also in broader development actions with mutual benefits.

“Extroversion cannot be an empty letter”, adds Mr. Vlachos and adds that “mutual trust can create added value even in seemingly competitive partners”. It is worth pointing out that the PPA is supported in its efforts for the cruise both by “Dimophelia” which represents the Municipality of Kavala and also by the Chamber of Commerce of the city, in the context of a successful tripartite structure.

May such initiatives become the norm for a creative continuation of the extroversion that the country and its port industry so desperately needs, says Mr. Vlachos.

It is noted that Kavala receives 30,000 visitors with over 35-40 cruise ships a year, and the goal is to increase visits.

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