The modernization of the Eleftheres port in Nea Peramos, Kavala, is on track, as decided by the political leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Specifically, the ministry signed the act that includes the modernization of the port in Priority Axis 1 “Promotion of environmentally sustainable, resource-efficient, innovative, competitive and knowledge-based fisheries” of the Operational Program “Fisheries and the Sea” , and specifically in Measure 3.1 .23.

According to data from the Union of Ports of Greece (ELIME), the port of Eleftheres mainly serves fishing and is located 17 km from Kavala, while at the same time, it is designated as a port – place of unloading/transshipment for coastal fishing vessels.

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The interventions

The interventions in the current phase concern works in the land zone of the existing port, such as work on shaping the access road of the land zone of the Free Port in Peramos Prefecture of the Municipality of Pangaio. It is also planned to provide integrated services to fishermen with the installation of bumpers for the safe docking of boats as well as the installation of outdoor power-water dispensers with a prepaid card to serve docked craft. The plan foresees the supply of suitable anti-fouling equipment for the protection of the marine environment.

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