“The METRO of Thessaloniki will be operational in 2024″, repeated the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras in the context of the regular briefing of the accredited editors, in an account of the first quarter of the ministry’s actions.

As he noted, referring to the road projects, an important section of the E-65, up to Kalambaka, will be delivered in the first months of 2024, the Patra-Pyrgos highway is progressing, with a completion rate of 25% of the project to date, and the Aktio-Ambrakia road connection will delivered, in its entirety, this year. Regarding the construction of the Eastern Inner Ring Road of Thessaloniki (Flyover), it starts next month.

Among the 12 policy packages developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, are included:

– The implementation of large irrigation, soil improvement and anti-flooding projects, because all others belong to the regions.

– The control and maintenance of existing infrastructure projects.

– The enhancement of electrification.

– The renewal of the bus fleet, where the overall plan envisages the supply of 1,300 buses with anti-pollution technology by the end of the four-year period.

– The reform of the Greek railway, with the signing of a contractual agreement with the OSE, which foresees a significant increase in annual funding from 45 million euros to 75 million euros, in order for the Organization to implement the required interventions for the better operation of the trains,

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