Awaiting the arrival of electric buses, Athens transit authority OASA is already considering the next step to strengthen the fleet with hydrogen powered vehicles. This is a project that is part of the Organization’s effort for more environmentally friendly transportation and the reduction of pollutants in urban centers.

The subject was also mentioned by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christina Alexopoulou from the floor of the 3rd Conference of the TEE “Green Deal Greece”, saying that there is scientific interest in the presence of the first hydrogen-powered buses in Greece in the next five years.

As Ms. Alexopoulou pointed out, hydrogen can contribute to the further reduction of pollutants. Given that electrification is clearly the future of transportation due to the efficiency of the electric motor and the rapid development of technology, it is likely that hydrogen as a fuel will find its place in transportation.

Especially in large vehicles where the weight of batteries is prohibitive, it makes sense for electrification to progress through green hydrogen.

Hydrogen in mass transit

In order to do this, the efficiency of all three phases must be ensured: Electrolysis with electricity from RES, storage of the hydrogen gas and its conversion back into electricity. It is important to reduce the emission of pollutants in the city center.

However, the current situation in transport, as reported by market players, is intertwined with electrification. OASA will welcome the first electric buses by next March and April, since their production is expected to start very soon.

In total, the government plans to procure 250 electric buses for urban transport in Athens and Thessaloniki, in order to strengthen “green” transport.

In fact, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras met yesterday with the Management of the company “Yutong International Holding”, which has undertaken the supply of 250 electric buses.

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