According to a recent RE/MAX Europe survey spanning 22 EU nations, one in three Greeks plans to relocate within the next two years. Over 60% of potential movers favor urban apartments, whether for purchase or rental.

Economic factors heavily influence relocation decisions, with 25% prioritizing financial considerations, notably affordability (8%) and reducing expenses (6%). Additionally, 26% seek larger properties, while a quarter desires enhanced comfort and security found in different locales.

While 84% of Greeks own real estate, a significant portion eye renting for their next residence, with 31% leaning towards long-term leases. Only 11% consider shorter rental periods, and 33.9% contemplate purchasing. Urban and suburban areas are preferred by a quarter of prospective buyers, and intriguingly, one-third plan to buy property for friends or family.

The popularity of co-living is increasing in Greece, with 57% considering it, drawn by cost-effective shared amenities (26.7%) and reduced isolation (22.7%). Flexibility is another appeal, with 20% attracted to the option’s ability to accommodate multiple locations.

Notably, 67% of surveyed Greeks express a preference for co-ownership, citing shared maintenance expenses (30.1%) and access to otherwise unattainable properties (24.9%). Moreover, co-ownership is viewed as a solution for acquiring vacation homes by a quarter of respondents.


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