Italian travel magazine My Greek Salad, dedicated to introducing Italians to the beauty of Greece, recently posted a detailed and photographically embellished article on what it regards as the top three islands to visit in Greece this summer season. Specifically, according to the magazine, the islands of Astypalaia in the Dodecanese, Naxos in the Cyclades and Skopelos in the Sporades take the lead for this year’s go-to Greek destinations for Italian travelers.

According to the article, Astypalaia is an island which, although located in the Dodecanese, “aesthetically” resembles an island in the Cyclades. The multitude of windmills, bars and restaurants, and sandy beaches are all part of Astypalaia’s magic, while its old-fashioned look gives off a feeling of being “suspended in time”. Another selling point, the article states, is the island’s focus on sustainability, aiming at 100% sustainable mobility with vehicles being powered by solar and wind energy. The author suggests that the island is “ideal for those who love ‘the pleasure of discovery’, and are looking for a beautiful, refined island, still wild and never boring.”

Naxos, the article explains, is both rich in sandy beaches, picturesque villages and magical views. It explains that the Chora (the center of the island) houses the Old Market and hides a maze of alleys full of traditional coffee shops and little stores. The article also recommends an excursion to the Lesser Cyclades, which are just a short boat-ride away from Naxos. The magazine does warn, however, that the island is a hotspot for high winds.

Skopelos, the article opens, is the famous backdrop of the movie Mamma Mia!, which is a selling point on its own. It quickly goes on to describe the green landscape of the island and sense of freedom it embodies. A scooter ride can take visitors to its multitude of beaches and taverns, it continues, while renting a small boat also gives travelers the opportunity to discover isolated beaches around the island. It notes that the island is much calmer than some of its neighbors like Skiathos and offers a much more peaceful and relaxed experience.


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