Digital consumer loans by Greek Banks are surging as data shows there have been approximately 850-euro-million worth of loans in 2023, with an estimated 65% of consumer loans now issued online, via e-banking and mobile banking.

Greek financial institutions aim to surpass the 900-euro-million mark for 2024, setting their sights on 1 billion euros.

The total amount of consumer loans in 2023 amounted to nearly 1.3 billion euros, with about 850 million processed digitally. The total could exceed 1 billion when including small business loans issued through digital means.

The expected reduction in ECB interest rates this summer is likely to further boost demand. Digital services are a central focus for banks, demonstrated by significant investments in digitalization.

According to Alpha Bank’s financial results for the first quarter of 2024, 460 million euros is earmarked for IT and digital services, aiming to develop new digital products and streamline 350 processes.

The National Bank of Greece aims to lead in digital services, investing 1 billion euros since 2019, with completion expected by 2025. Currently, 97% of transactions are conducted digitally, and the bank anticipates this digital transformation will expand its active loan portfolio.


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