With the blessings of the Commission, the freight center in Thriasio, known as Thriasio I, is unblocked. The negotiations with DG Comp have reached a point of completion, as the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, noted yesterday in a teleconference with the board of directors of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Minister quoted to the members of Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the 12 points of the relevant concession agreement that were required to be revised in order to propel the project that has been stuck for about 2.5 years in Brussels. The aim is for the revised contract to be approved by the Court of Auditors, to be ratified again by Parliament, and to be signed in the autumn (as ot.gr had written), in order for the emblematic project to begin.

The Commission, in order to approve the project and not ask for the return of Community funds, amounting to 200 million euros, which have been allocated for the development of the Thriasio Pedio, essentially requested the reversal of a series of conditions. It is recalled that Thriasio I was also a key topic of the discussion of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the competent Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, during her recent visit to Athens, in the presence of Mr. Karamanlis.

It is noted that the budget of the investment in 588 acres of Thriasio exceeds 200 million euros. The contractor consortium is ETVA VIPE-Goldair, with 80% -20% participation respectively , which, however, changes after the revision. The project based on the initial agreement will be financed by Piraeus Bank which holds 65% of ETVA VIPE shares.

During the discussion regarding the implementation path of the projects related to the plans for Thriasio I and II, according to a post of the chamber on social media, issues related to the supply chain, the relevant infrastructure, but also the necessary interventions to be made in order to update necessary infrastructure due to new data that have emerged after the pandemic concerning logistics .

Mr. Karamanlis, according to the post of Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stressed that the main priority is the development of the freight center of Piraeus to follow the development of other projects that are in the plans for the improvement of the speeds of the railways.

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