This June is 40% – 50% on arrivals compared to last July, said the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, on SKAI radio, adding that the first country in arrivals is Germany and this year we have a surprise, Poland, which is third, but very close to second France.

For Mykonos, he stated that there are no cancellations except to the order of 1% and noted that in this case the government showed its fast reflexes internationally. “I do not want to say that the reports about high cancellations come from malicious or serve other purposes. The reality is simple and specific. We have spoken with a large representative sample of the island’s professionals. “I have the feeling that these reactions do not come from the hoteliers – they are more about the entertainment shops that have been affected by this ban on music and circulation after 1 pm”, he stated characteristically.

As to whether there is concern about the continuation of parties on Mykonos, Mr. Theocharis stated that security and the need to intensify controls are a given.

“The police have increased their capacity and are doing exactly what is needed to ensure that they do not run in other directions and that the bans are not circumvented. We will continue to do that. Our message is that we will continue to make difficult decisions. This means that we must all stay within the framework permitted by law so that we can all work together – the private sector, hoteliers, employees, local government and the state – to maintain this balance between openness and of health insurance “, the minister pointed out.

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