“In order for the tax reduction to make sense, we have to understand to whom it addresses. In order for the tax relief to be sustainable, you have to get this money from somewhere”, said, commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcements, the Head of the Development Department of SYRIZA, Alexis Haritsis, speaking at the stand of OT at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

He added: “We also saw measures that do not concern the small and medium strata. A great example of this is the parental benefit of 150,000 that concerns the small and medium-sized strata, but, on the contrary, the extension of 800,000 euros does not concern them”.

In relation to the price increases in energy, in raw materials, in basic foodstuffs, which form a suffocating framework for households and SMEs, the government does not give answers “, said Mr. Haritsis, citing three axes for dealing with the problem: the utilization of tools, such as the Competition Commission and the Regulatory Authority for Energy to regulate the market, the reduction of the excise duties on fuels and the introduction of a comprehensive package to support the households and the businesses.

Regarding whether SYRIZA is calling for elections, he noted that “For the time being, it is important to deal with the crisis and for the government to take responsibility, but they do not do so. Over time, the political correlations will change and the request for elections will be on the table in time.”

Referring to the possibility of SYRIZA cooperating with other political forces, Alexis Haritsis said that “A political force cannot have all the answers to all issues. Partnerships, open channels of communication, honesty and clear positions are required. Beyond that, everyone must take responsibility. Cooperation with other political forces could be the basis for a progressive way out of the crisis.”

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