Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday showcased his center-right government’s “green” transition and eco-friendly growth platform from a small Dodecanese Isle that lies just west of better-known Rhodes, as a large government delegation arrived on Halki for its designation as the country’s first “GR-eco” island.

The GR-eco islands foresees specific actions to dramatically boost the use of renewable energy sources, apply digital infrastructure, promote of better energy performance, achieve a more sustainable management of water resources and waste, as well as a “green” development of tourism and agriculture.

“Local residents, in cooperation with the municipality, will produce the energy they consume”, Mitsotakis said in opening the event.

“This model of energy democracy can and must comprise a prototype for every island, reducing the cost of electricity bills for residents… What we’re achieving here on Halki is to pass to the era of prosumers, of consumers-producers, who benefit from natural energy sources without additional burdens”, he added.

Projects on Halki will implemented by a group of local and foreign multinationals (PPC, Akuo Energy, Omexom/Vinci Energies, Citroën, ALD Automotive and Vodafone Greece) based on a MoC signed last summer between Greece and France.

One highlight of the initiative is the installation of a 1MW photovoltaic system that will cover the island’s energy needs.

Another highlight is the donation of six electric vehicles to law enforcement and municipal authorities on the isle.

Mitsotakis was present at the delivery of the vehicles and he afterwards boarded an electric-powered vessel donated by the Papastratos cigarette manufacturer.

Halki and the Dodecanese Islands will become sites of dynamic investments in green and cyclical economies, Mitsotakis said, which means cheap electricity and new jobs for the residents.

Using an example of the benefits, the Greek premier said an electricity bill of 407 euros will fall to 157 euros.

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