“The Greek prime minister wants to set a good example,” commented Gerd Heller, Handelsblatt’s correspondent in Greece, referring to Greece’s top ranking under national climate law. According to the German journalist, “the Greek government links the hope for high-tech investments with the climate protection program. Greece expects € 17.8 billion in grants and € 12.7 billion in low-interest loans from the EU Recovery Fund in the coming years. Almost 40% of the money will go to ‘green’ projects such as the phasing out of coal, the renovation of low-energy buildings, the expansion of the electricity grid and the storage of electricity, as well as climate-neutral transport.”

In fact, for the author, the passage of the law is considered certain: “Mitsotakis dealt with the issue of climate protection from a very early time, even as the leader of the opposition during the last decade. This is part of his strategy to open the horizons of the conservative New Democracy party to the political center and beyond.”

Source: Deutsche Welle

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