The Vice President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis visited the Vocational School of the Public Employment Service – D.Y.P.A. in Egaleo, on the occasion of Europe Day.

This unit of D.Y.P.A., as well as other corresponding apprenticeship and vocational structures, is funded by the European Commission, in the context of supporting vocational training and upgrading skills.

The European Commission will continue to support such structures, through the NSRF and the Recovery Fund. It is characteristic that through the Recovery Fund the allocation of resources of 1 billion euros for the training of 500,000 unemployed and workers in digital and green skills until 2025 is foreseen, along with 140 million euros for the provision of training programs through the upgraded centers of D.YP. A. to 78,000 beneficiaries by the end of 2025 and 143 million euros for the upgrade of the infrastructure of the Vocational Schools of D.YPA. of which 108 million euros for the operational and energy upgrade of the 37 Vocational Schools. At the same time, additional credits, on a large scale, will be provided in the new NSRF.

Meeting with students

Mr. Schinas and Mr. Hatzidakis met and talked with students of the Departments of Refrigeration and Air Conditioners, Electrical Technicians and Financial Officers. In fact, as stated by the students themselves, there is a great demand for their specialties and they are particularly satisfied that they chose the apprenticeship schools of D.YPA. in relation to their professional rehabilitation.

It is noted that the students in the Apprenticeship programs of D.YPA:

• Apprentice to private or public sector companies with pay and insurance.

• Are provided with the necessary books and aids.

• Are trained by experienced and well-trained teaching staff.

• Are entitled to a student leave of up to 30 days with pay.

• Are entitled to deferment of enlistment.

• Those who meet the conditions receive housing and food allowance.

The students’ fee corresponds to 21.78 euros for each day of apprenticeship in the workplace for 2 years (four semesters).

Mr Schoinas said: “There is no better way to celebrate Europe Day than to be in these Vocational Schools, where Europe in practice paves the way for employment and skills.”

Mr. Hatzidakis stated: “At a time when unemployment is declining but is at 12.9%, it has been established that there are major shortages in professions related to technical skills, and in general with skills provided by the Apprenticeship Schools of D.Y.P.A. . The directions that I have given to the administration of D.YPA. are three: First, the upgrading and modernization of these Schools, through funding from the European Union. Secondly, the promotion of the schools, but also in general of the professional opportunities that all the technical professions provide to the young people. Third, the strengthening of the cooperation between D.Y.P.A. and private sector companies, so that the education in the schools can be further upgraded and the vocational training in Greece can be combined even more with the needs of the market.”

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