New Democracy MEPs Vangelis Meimarakis and Maria Spyraki commented on the new package of measures of the European Commission for the support of consumers and the confrontation of the problem of energy prices by the member states, speaking to Greek journalists who are participating in a mission in Brussels.

“The Greek government has taken national policy measures to help in the energy sector. We know that it is not enough for many weak citizens and we will try to have a flexibility from European resources to help them more. We are continuing in this direction to find a common European solution and perspective in the field of energy”, said the vice-president of the European People’s Party and MEP Vangelis Meimarakis.

Photovoltaics on roofs are an opportunity

“An important opportunity for Greece”, MEP Maria Spyraki characterized the process of installing photovoltaics on  roofs through specific schemes. “It is considered a great opportunity, which gives a great victory to consumers but also the possibility of production and consumption of electricity by citizens at the source. It is a very important step. “Especially for Greece, which has sunshine for up to 360 days a year, it is an important measure”, she characteristically stated.

Ms. Spyraki also referred to energy saving recommendations through voluntary change in consumer behavior and habits. She used as an example the elevators inside the European Parliament that are moving more slowly, while she referred to the operation of traffic lights on the streets and how the appliances will be used at home.

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