The announcement of an electronic open tender (e-auction) for the lease of a coastal property (area and store) in the area of ​​Alykes Anavyssos, Attica, was announced by the Hellenic Public Properties Company.

In particular, the tender through the electronic platform of concerns the lease of a property located at 50th km, Athinon – Souniou Avenue, within the region of Alykes Anavissos. It consists of a coastal land plot of 4,878.70 sq.m., in which there is a wooden construction, with a total area of 225.29 sq.m., surrounded by pergola, wooden deck and auxiliary space of 41.42 sq.m.

The purpose of the tender is to lease the specific area after the facilities on it for five years with the possibility of extension for five additional years, by agreement of both parties.

The lease can concern the operation of a school or club or water sports center (i.e. windsurfing) along with ancillary services and other permitted activities (refreshment room / lounge), in accordance with the provisions in force in the area. The contractor will bear the costs for the complete reconstruction and operation of the property based on the already completed construction.

More information can be obtained here

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