The citizen as an individual is at the epicentre of the government’s actions and not the “people in the vague and general sense adopted by those that seek to cloud the direction of their choices”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, while addressing Greek lawmakers, on Wednesday. Speaking during a debate on the government’s social policies, he said this statement concerns each Greek man and woman as individuals and, more specifically, the middle class and, primarily, the most vulnerbale ones.

The Greek Prime Minister said that the government’s top priority was a speedy recovery of the national economy, with lots of investments leading to better wages and many new jobs.

“Today’s Greece is a different Greece. It is one of the countries with the most dynamic growth and the highest reduction of unemployment in Europe. It is of the top countries in the OECD in terms of tax reduction and has paid off its debt to the IMF two years ago, while, in Augus,t it will break free of enhanced surveillance while aiming to regain its investment grade. This is a national success, even more so because all the things I spoke of were neither self-evident nor easy, nor were they achieved under normal conditions,” the Greek Prime Minister stressed.

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