The MRB trends survey, released on Thursday morning gives the government a lead in voters’ intentions.

The survey, conducted from June 22 to June 30, 2022, also highlights citizen perceptions of the suitability of the prime minister and citizens’ trust in the parties to solve problems. The main issues that concern citizens are also reflected, while it is noteworthy that 61.4% of the respondents consider possible a “hot” incident with Turkey.

ND leads by 7.2%

In terms of voter intention, the governing New Democracy (ND ) party leads with 29.3%, followed by SYRIZA with 22.1% (a difference of 7.2%).

In third place with a double-digit percentage is PASOK – KINAL (12.2%), in fourth place is communist party KKE (4.7%), in fifth place is Hellenic Solution (4.5%) and in sixth place is Mera25 (3.1%).

7% of respondents answered that they would vote for some other party, while the “Undecided vote” reached 14% (“I am undecided-I do not answer” 9.7% and “Blanc-Void-Abstention” 4.3%).

Who’s most suited for prime minister

When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, would you like to win by even a single vote difference in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 33.8% answered ND, 30% SYRIZA, while 24.2% neither party .

When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, would bother you if they won by even one vote difference in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 40.5% answered ND and 37.3% answered SYRIZA.

In terms of suitability for the prime minister’s post, Kyriakos Mitsotakis garnered 40.1% and Alexis Tsipras 30.1%. 25.1% of respondents answered “Neither”.

Who’s going to win?

The difference in favor of New Democracy in the victory representation, i.e. who’s going to win, remains large, with the ruling party gathering 44.7% and SYRIZA 22.3%, a difference of 22.4%, although the gap is narrowing in favor of the main opposition party.

61.4% consider a “hot” incident with Turkey likely

It seems that the citizens are particularly worried about the possibility of a ‘hot” incident with Turkey within the next 12 months.

61.4% of the respondents answered that they consider it “very” and “quite” likely.

Price hikes are the main problem

The survey attempts to record the biggest problems that citizens face today and whether and to what extent they are optimistic or pessimistic about the future with the messages not being auspicious.

Regarding the most important problems of the country, citizens place high prices at the top of the list (54.3%), health (40.5%), unemployment (34.9%), growth (20.5%) and the pandemic (20.1%).

In the evaluation of the citizens, education, taxation, immigration, foreign policy problems and crime follow as problems.

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