Attica Regional Governor Giorgos Patoulis gave the “green light” for the preparation of a Strategic Transportation Plan for the entire Municipality of Piraeus, which will for the first time approach the city’s severe traffic issues in a holistic way, by signing the relevant decision, in the presence of of the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis.

Following the approval of the relevant proposal submitted by the Municipality of Piraeus, the financing of the Strategic Plan to the tune of approximately 800,000 euros will be undertaken by the Region of Attica, through the Operational Program Attica 2014-2020.

In the framework of the Piraeus Strategic Transportation Plan, measures deriving from strategic objectives of sustainable mobility, reduction of pollution and noise, etc. will be defined and a focused analysis of the modes of transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Piraeus will be carried out. This will simulate the way in which the existing and future travel demand can be adequately met through a series of interventions and solutions.

Key axes of the Piraeus Strategic Transport Plan

In particular, this Plan will cover such areas as:

  • Travel and traffic to/from the main points of activity, including the city center and the port
  • Passenger/pedestrian movement and traffic between major transport hubs such as metro, tram, urban bus, commuter rail, train, port and city center
  • Access and mobility in the central area, through redistribution of space, according to the principles of improving the quality of life and environmental requirements
  • Use of a multimodal transport model that will allow the evaluation of specific measures, in relation to key objectives (economic efficiency, environmental impact, accessibility, social inclusion, safety and quality of the local environment)
  • Promotion of all means of sustainable mobility in the Municipality of Piraeus, with an emphasis on urban upgrading/revitalization, improving the quality of life and curbing the effects of climate change.

Mobility at the local level

In addition it will develop a series of proposals to include mobility needs at local level, with an emphasis on soft mobility (accessibility, walking, and cycling), meeting the mobility needs of the local population. A key feature of the Strategic Transportation Plan will be the use of detailed analytical methods (traffic modelling), both to understand conflicts in transport demand and to develop/evaluate alternative solutions and measures.

It is pointed out that the Strategic Transport Plan for the Piraeus region will be in synergy with the Attica Urban Transport Authority’s Regional Plan which is in the works, the approved Regulatory Plan of Attica and the Piraeus Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan which is to be completed, drawing from them strategic level information that will be used to improve traffic regulation at the local level, providing a clear understanding of the (often) conflicting needs at the strategic and  the local level.

The Project will consist of 2 Sub-Projects:

Sub-project 1: Provision of a service to improve accessibility in the central area of ​​Piraeus and
Sub-project 2: Traffic and parking study of the Municipality of Piraeus.

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