The CEO of the Public Gas Distribution Networks Company (DEDA), Marios Tsakas, referred to the difficulties faced by natural gas distribution companies in the midst of an energy crisis, the actions they are taking and plans for the “day after”.

Speaking at the OT Forum at the Thessaloniki International Fair, Mr. Tsakas noted that DEDA, which has a presence in seven regions and 38 cities, has long been seeking the completion of the process for the entry of Italgas, a strong shareholder that “is willing to and has the ability to invest in the networks”. “Italgas has more than 100 years of experience in network management, it brings us technology, know-how and innovation,” said Mr. Tsakas.

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The energy crisis

He noted that the energy crisis, which was “triggered” by the rapid increase in natural gas prices, has caused difficulties as consumers are afraid to connect to the grid. However, serious problems are also present in the technical and construction sector, due to an increase in costs. “We decided not to back down but to accelerate. The crisis is serious, but it will have an end date. The day after must find us with strong infrastructure”, said Mr. Tsakas.

He noted that applications for the licensing of biomethane production projects, which can be a domestic renewable energy source, have already been submitted to RAE. As Mr. Tsakas explained, this is a big market as hundreds of small biomethane production units can be created, since materials that farmers and ranchers “pay to get rid of” can be turned into a source of energy.

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